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when to recoat?

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  • when to recoat?

    looked at the instruction of primers. Some say 1 hour, some say 4 hours if temperature is above 51 and oil primer says 24 hours. Whey you paint, when you are going to recoat the primer? I am sure nobody looking at the clock to do that. but how do you know it's time to recoat now? just touch the sureface, if not stick it is time to recoat? I am talking about exterior wood paint.
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    Re: when to recoat?

    I think it really depends on where you live, what kind of weather you are having right know, how much are you talking about. As I said in another post ask your paint supplier in your area. Not Home Depot or Lowes. How you put it on can also change the issue.

    If your can say's above 51 how long does it take to get there and how long it stay that demp? How much are you re-coating?

    It was 50 here this morning at 5 and now at 1130 it is 60 by 5 tonight it could be 62 or 58. The weather is pleasant but you can feel the moisture in the air.

    I was going to paint the house this year but it got to late and our weather has changed so much I'm waiting for spring. If it is something you can't wait on or is a small are then go for it at least you'll get it covered.

    Painting does not require a degree in science but common sense and your own experience in doing it does.



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      Re: when to recoat?

      Oil primers for exterior wood you usually have to wait 24 hours. Any 1 hour or quick drying oil primers are for interior use.
      Contact your Local Sherwin Williams or Duron etc.. Preferably a company owned store.