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Looking for portable air compressor with soft start.

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  • Looking for portable air compressor with soft start.

    I am looking for a small air compressor that would run off a Honda EU200i (2000w 20 amp max) generator. I don't seem to find any small ones that have a soft start to reduce start up amperage draw. I just need to run a framing nail gun.

    The gas ones are too expensive for my limited use at a cabin. The cheapest alternate thing I could find would be the Palsode framing nail gun. But I would also use the air compressor for small home stuff so I don't have to fire up my large compressor.

    Anyone have any recomondations?


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    Re: Looking for portable air compressor with soft start.

    I think the best I can recommend is to look for a good used larger generator, but to also keep your nice Honda. The idea would be to only run the larger generator as needed and you might leave it inside the cabin if you're going back soon. Sooner or later you'll most likely need it for other loads besides an air compressor.

    While it is possible to rig up a small electric air compressor with head unloading and what's called a constant speed unloader the cost gets in the way fast. Your Honda inverter generator might start a 1/2 HP motor unloaded but please don't ask more than that from it.

    As for a larger generator if you can find a good used Gillette of around 5000 Watts they are a gem to have when needed and at home during power failures as well. Unlike many they are USA made with lots of heavy copper wire for the windings and plenty of laminated iron. They start motors other brands just can't. Now the problem is to find one used in good condition. New they don't come cheap.

    You might try a local tool rental yard and just see what they have in the way of generators and also a smallish engine driven air compressor. This is if you'll only need it now and then.