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    I am trying to repair a 3 foot vertical crack in a gyproc wall in a church hallway, probably caused by teenagers skylarking. The studs are at 24 inch centers. It needs to be stablilized before plastering. What to do???? GAB

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    Re: gyproc wall

    I would probably cut it back out to the studs and replace, if it is a location where it could easly get hit and broke again, you may want to put some type of reinforcement (horizontal 2x4) in the wall so the span is supported, better than jsut on the 24" O/C studs. and tape it out and re texture it, and paint,

    About the only other Idea I would have and some depends on how bad the crack is, is a variation of the below Idea and cutting a hole to put some backer boards in as described below.

    If it is a small hole, clean up the broken dry wall, some times one can "fish" a 1x4 or two, so in the hole and use dry wall screws to attache it to the existing dry wall and then cut a patch and then attache to the 1x4 that was jsut installed, tape and texture and paint.
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