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  • Looking for Professional Opinion!!!

    I rent the top part of a house. I can hear the people below me in the basement clearly. The noise is starting to drive me nutty. I know they are not trying to be noisy so my frustration is with the contruction of the house.

    I am pretty sure (not 100%) that the noise is mostly coming from the vents. According to the tenants below they can't hear me but I can hear them clearly. Why is it that I can hear them so well and they can't hear anything from me?

    My landlord is a cheap so and so....what I am trying to find out is...what is a simple solution to fix this noise barrier?

    The floor/ceiling is not insulated and I do know he will not do anything about that. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

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    Re: Looking for Professional Opinion!!!

    Sorry to hear about your frustration. If your landlord is not going to do any thing and you are not willing to put out any money there is only one thing left. Move If you are hearing them from down below insulation is pretty well the only answer. If you are convinced that it is the ducts then you have an issue that I don't have expertice in. You should check the HVAC forum and ask those guys


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      Re: Looking for Professional Opinion!!!

      Bose noise canceling headphones.



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        Re: Looking for Professional Opinion!!!

        You say the noise is coming from the vents. Do you mean that you have hot air heat and you hear them through the registers? Is the heating system shared between both units such that the ductwork (most likely metal duct) for both units is tied together? If this were at one time a single family home this could be the case but I believe that code would not allow it now a days.

        Try closing the vents or block them off with a couple inches of newspaper or something similar and see if the noise is reduced to any degree. You can't of course leave them that way but you'll know for sure what the source is; the ductwork or through the floor.

        There will be noise that will carry through from one floor to another without sound insulation and an older home will not likely have any sound insulation unless it was added later on.
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