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Zip Ties for Rebar

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    Re: Zip Ties for Rebar

    The ties only need to hold the rebar tight long enough for the concrete to cure but I wouldn't trust zip ties either. Any stress on the rebar before could cause them to pop.


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      Re: Zip Ties for Rebar

      Originally posted by wrench spinner View Post
      I am with Tom, wire is faster AND cheaper, why would you want to use zip ties Ben?
      I'm inspecting a project and the contractor ran out of tie wire but for some reason has a gazillion zip ties. They were going to use the zip ties but need my approval to proceed. This is for a concrete cistern stand and I can't find anything that prohibits it's use.
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        Re: Zip Ties for Rebar

        The question you may wish to consider is, 'Who will be liable if the concrete snaps a zip tie, the rebar pushes to the outside of the form and has to be jack hammered out and repoured? Or, who is liable if the rebar moves inside the form, where no one can see, and the concrete or project fails?'

        If you give the OK to use the zip ties you, the entity you represent, or both, may have an element of contribitary neglegence with which to contend because you gave the OK to deviate from standard building practices.

        Does the contractor want this change order in writing? If so his butt may be covered. I would probably attempt to cover mine and disallow the ties.

        Just a thought.

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          Re: Zip Ties for Rebar

          I agree with Tom, to cover my a$$ I would not allow it, if you were pouring a slab for your bbq grill or something in your backyard where structural integrity isnt as much of an issue I wouldnt allow it


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            Re: Zip Ties for Rebar

            You can make a twister tool with out the handle, chuck it up in the drill then start tieing the wire. It will draw as tight as you need it.
            If there is alot of tieing you will be glad at the end of the day. I know some concrete guys that can tie 2 to 1 with the drill system.


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              Nylon matter is complete of strapping belongings strap, considered to stop function (live key, with the exception of for drop) more and extra tight, there can be disassembled cable tie.


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                There are a number of ways to tie rebar now-a-days





                Tying requirements explained by CRSI.

                This video provides an introduction of the requirements of tying reinforcing steel bars (rebar).


                The CRSI website at is your authoritative resources for all items related to reinforced concrete design and construction.
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                  It looks like this thread has been resurrected by a future spammer judging by the incoherent post - lol


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                    I think you're right, but I would call him an active spammer.
                    Did you report it using the flag button? I think that I did but don't remember for sure.
                    I report lots of them every week, probably drive the Forum Admins nuts, but its not
                    difficult to tell most times who the genuine new members are from the spammers.
                    In this case maybe they are waiting to see if there is a repeat infraction before
                    banning them.

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                    I usually report also but I did not in this case as I could not see a spam link - can you see one? - although incoherent posts and posts that are clearly designed to spam in the future should also be considered spammers and removed. In other words if you join up and cannot make a coherent post/an introduction consisting of "I'm new in forum"/some kind of stupid "advice" etc should be considered spammers and removed. Maybe I should flag these as well.