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Patching Knock Down Ceiling

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  • Patching Knock Down Ceiling

    We had a small leak in our garage ceiling and about 3 feet of dry wall tape came off at a seam. I can repair the seam fine, but the ceiling has a knock down finish.

    Although I have never seen it done, I am familiar with how a knock down finish is applied to a ceiling, wall, etc. But, how do I go about reapplying the finish to a space about 3 ft by 1 ft without using one of the mud blowers?

    A painter at one of the local paint stores suggested using one of the plastic-loop roller covers with a mixture of dry wall mud thinned to the consistency of grits (Cream of Wheat) to folks outside the south and flattened with a blade. I gave it a try on a piece of scrap, but the pattern's way off.

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

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    Re: Patching Knock Down Ceiling

    a person can mix there own if it is not the right consistency, I have used mine for many small repairs, they make a larger unit that is hand powered, but about $50 and holds about a gallon,

    and I have done it but is not fast or easy flicking it on with my fingers, and hard to control where it is going, the little hand gun for orange peal has a orifice in it that can be removed (or mine does) so one can use it for Acoustic texture as well, I jsut mix up a little mud in a pan and refill the unit, wash it up good and it is reusable,
    the larger unit has a much heaver air pump and more capacity one can do a room with it if needed.

    this one comes with a few ounces of Acoustic texture in it, (I think it is exactly the same as the other unit except fot the orifice, which is removable on the other small unit).
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      Re: Patching Knock Down Ceiling

      They make knock down in a can, but it is worthless unless your knock down is a REALLY SMALL pattern.


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        Re: Patching Knock Down Ceiling

        Is it a knock down finish or a spray texture finish? If it's a sprayed texture finish it will be difficult to match the existing finish unless you know the brand and size of the texture (fine, medium or coarse), the pressure used to spray the texture with and the oriface size. Many add ceiling white paint in place of some of the water. Some don't because of the added cost. If it is a knock down finish you may get acceptable results using joint compound with a little white playground sand mixed in thoroughly. That is how a knock down plaster finish is done and the sand is invisible when the repairs are done and painted.


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          Re: Patching Knock Down Ceiling

          Thank you all for the replies. At least now I know there is something available other than renting a large system. If I can just get a "close match" I'll be happy. The location of the patch is in an out of the way place that will be seldom noticed. The device from Ace sounds like my first stop!!!!!

          Steve Wortham