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  • Frost King weatherstrip

    On my shop I have two doors that are going to be roll up doors and one that is basically a sliding barn door. I got rollers for the sliding door that "dangle" or allow me to pull the door away from the building at and angle so that I could put weather stripping on the door to make it seal. I got the door up, painted everything 2 days ago, and my pull clasp type latches came in yesterday so this morning I went out to install the latches and weatherstrip. I put the weatherstrip on the door frame, and then installed the latches. When I undid the latches to re-open the door the door would not budge. I tried pushing it from the inside and pulling from the outside. After about 20 min with a pry bar and hammer I managed to free the door. The brand new weather strip which I just spent about 50 bucks on is trashed. half stuck to the frame and half to the door. I just cant believe how stong the bond was, it was almost like double sided tape. I immediatly called the manufacture's number on the package and explained what had happened. The rep told me that the paint should have been allowed to dry atleast 3 weeks. I was kinda pissed that they package didnt say anything about this, but figured I wouldnt be able to get anything out of them for it. The rep then asked me if I wanted a replacment, took my name and address, and said she would get a replacment out to me. While I think the packaging should have said something about fresh paint, I think this company has great customer service and obviously stands behind their products.

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    Re: Frost King weatherstrip

    It is difficult for a company to forsee every installation hang-up. What they did for you was above and beyond good customer service and they got you to write about it. Best advertising there is. I emailed a company called Soho lighting (high end stuff) and was surprised to find an answer in my inbox an hour later. That stuck with me just as Frost King weatherstripping has stuck (no pun intended) to you.


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      Re: Frost King weatherstrip

      I bought a Curtis snow plow a few years back. The guy that installed it at the Chevy dealership was a total HACK.
      It took 3 months to have a 100% working plow after several different problems. Repeated complaints yielded nothing from the dealership.
      That plow season ended and I thought all problems had been resolved.

      In prepping for the next season, on a Sunday, I discovered yet another problem. A small one, but I was so sick of dealing with all the problems for the amount of $ I paid.

      I called Curtis Plow, and being a Sunday, all I got was voice mail. I left a message stating how disgusted I was.

      8:05 a.m. Monday morning someone from Curtis returns my call. I explain all I'd been through to some guy I assume is just a lackey from the mail room or something.

      Then the guy says " I'm sorry for all the trouble you've been through gene. My name is ???? Curtis, and thats MY NAME on that plow, and I WILL get to the bottom of this! As soon as we get off the phone I'm sending you a check for $200 for all your troubles and I'll get back to you with a dealer in your area that can better serve you at no cost, and get YOU the plow YOU paid for. I want you to know, this is NOT how Curtis Plow operates and your concerns WILL be addressed"

      A short time later all Curtis plows were removed from that dealers lot.

      I've always been impressed that the owner was as pi$$ed off as I was and the owner actually called me back, not some person in the complaints dept that couldn't give a rats a$$.

      When its time, down the road to buy another plow, I will be going with a Curtis Plow.
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