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Roofing a small outbuilding

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  • Roofing a small outbuilding

    I got a little job rebuilding a small outbuilding, one of the prebuilt types with a barn style roof. I tear the roof and sheathing off, resheath the roof and decide that instead of going to get the trim and put it on and then the drip edge I will just keep the drip edge out 3/4 inch and trim the building after. Big, big mistake. The way they designed the trim, coupled with the settling and twisting of the building turned a simple job into a nightmare. Embarassed to say I had to use some wood filler because the joints weren't tight.

    If anyone ever has to rebuild one of these it would be in your best interest to trim the roof first while you have access to the trim from the top, before you put on the drip edge.

    About the only thing that has gone right with this job is that I took it by the hour.
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    Re: Roofing a small outbuilding

    you live and learn my friend.