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finish for green white oak

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  • finish for green white oak

    I am in the process of building a deck from white oak that is still green. Be fore you label me as crazy, I have looked at 4 or 5 decks that were done with green white oak and they have not twisted or rotted ( like that green treated garbage!) These decks ranged from 5-18 years old. all decks were allowed to weather naturally. After planing my lumber, it's so pretty that I want to put a clear finish on it. I realize it will have to dry for a while. My question is how long should it dry and what kind of a finish should I use? I was thinking of some kind of oil, but am really open to suggestions. I figure a group of people this big, I should get a lot of good ideas. I live in central Minnesota, so weather is a big factor. Thank You in advance!