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R-Value vs U-Value & another topic

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  • R-Value vs U-Value & another topic

    When the 2012 code book comes out, this is when the change will happen, R-Value will no longer be used. We will be changing over to the U-Value. This was told to me by my school/class instructor yesterday. And has always been a topic in another forum, that just keeps coming up for the past few years.

    Does anybody have an opinion, or have you heard something else about this topic?

    Another topic that was brought up, was the new Forced Air Heat Pumps, which can now work with temps at 30 below. I would like to know about the company that makes this happen, which I'm having trouble finding them. My instructor told me the name of the company, but I didn't write it down and of course my brain is having a brain fart about who they are. I would seriously consider buying stocks in this company, if it is available. Does anyone have info or an opinion about this topic?????
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