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Anyone have gutter guards/screens/foam?

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  • Anyone have gutter guards/screens/foam?

    I've installed a few different kinds, but haven't gotten much feedback from clients on how they like them in the long-term.
    I went real cheap on my own house - the crappy plastic ones that slide under the shingles and snap onto the lip of the gutter. They tend to come off occasionally and let a lot of water run over the edge, so I'm thinking of upgrading.
    Anyone like (or hate) what they have?

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    Re: Anyone have gutter guards/screens/foam?

    I have tried the plastic ones on a few rental properties, they are more work than they are worth. The first season they work fine, but by the second year, they had dry rotted and bent and were coming loose.
    My house has the aluminum screens on it, they are heavy duty and are likely 20 years old, and they are working fine.
    The lay-in-place bristle brush looking guards look like they might work for the most part, but I wonder if they will eventually hold dirt and cause blockage.


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      Re: Anyone have gutter guards/screens/foam?

      Foam seems to be the new version of the bristle brush that you mentioned.
      I like the idea, but I can't bring myself to pay $4 per linear foot for foam: