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  • LEED Certification

    Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

    Anyone working on a LEED project?

    I'd like to hear your take on the process

    We may be bidding on some projects coming up that are looking to get LEED certified

    Took my first class today....ugh!

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    Re: LEED Certification

    my office wants me to get certified in this too, they think that if they have more LEED designers in our office they will have more LEED projects, we will see.other than that i really havent thought about it much, it is another thing to add to your resume at least Bill


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      Re: LEED Certification

      I get sent stuff from N.C. State University about it. I'm interested but their program was about 3k-4k if I recall. (Don't know the exact number as the paperwork isn't in front of me).

      Too much $ and I'm fortunately busy without it. It would be like adding MedGas certificates for myself. Another thing to keep track of without much return.

      Just for me personally though.



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        Re: LEED Certification

        We just finished a LEEDS job in Naperville Il. , North Central college dorm / fieldhouse building . I'm, not sure that I'm a believer in it , never saw anything recycled ( all waste products went in the same dumpsters ) , ductwork with open ends on it during all phases of const. , never saw any offgassing done ( I was onsite every day ) , gas welders and generators running inside the building every day , jobsite was clean but it didn't seem any different from any other sites that I've been on . Not sure what the final LEEDS rating was but I wasn't impressed with the process at all . Google the college and I'm sure you can find info in it .
        Steve in the trade since 73 doing new residential/Commercial work