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  • Where to put this question?

    Many of different trades might know as it could cross over so I'll put it here.

    Have you ever seen or heard of a portable crimping tool & fitting system for hydraulic hoses? (Viega, you listening?).

    I'm talking about something handheld that can be used to repair something in a tight place where you have to take the tool to the hose rather than the hose to the tool.

    Thanks for any ideas.


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    Re: Where to put this question?

    Do a search into the aircraft industry tools. We had many that we used to install compression fittings on aircraft. Sizes of tubing was from 1/8th id up to over 4". Most were operated from a hand pump for pressure, but did require the correct sized die to crimp on the fittings.

    Depending on manufacturer, most also had go/no-go gauges so that the line was correctly cut and the fitting was in the proper position to get a good seal. Most also supplied the cutting tool. Most will require you to buy their fittings to fit their tool.

    The items I am talking about were for rigid tubing, tho, as flex tubes were usually replaced as an assembly.

    Hope this helps

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      Re: Where to put this question?

      You asked for "hoses"- -the answer is YES. BUT--I've been retired for five (5) years now and cannot remember the name of the tool. It was not Viega. It was one of the major hydraulic players though, if first thoughts count--it was Aeroquip. The first one we bought was absolutely manual, really manual, and would put crimp fittings up to one inch (1") hose I.D. It took two grown men, feeling well that day to hold the tool and turn the handle. We did buy a unit that had an electric motor/pump on it and were so glad to get it. We hung the manual one up in the bridgework in the shop to remind us of a former life. We had to climb into plastic molding machines to repair hoses which most of the time developed leaks near/at the factory fittings. So YES, JC, they are out there- -somewhere. NO, the old manual one is not available. This was in an auto battery plant which was razed last fall and planted in turnips. NO, the site was planted in trees and grasses. No sign of anything ever being there except the PoCo electric sub-station. David