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  • HardiPlank Siding

    Does anyone know if HardiPlank siding breaks down or begins decomposing without paint?



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    Re: HardiPlank Siding

    I doubt it. It comes from the factory preprimed. I've had a unpainted piece laying next to my garage for nearly 2 years and it's a little moldy but that's it. Not soft at all.


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      Re: HardiPlank Siding

      When it gets soaked it gets so soft that you cant pick up a full piece. This will never happen on a wall only if its laying on the ground.
      On the wall when the ends are not painted or caulked your concern is freeze thaw issues where water will penetrate the exposed cuts and freeze expanding it a bit. Thats why Hardie requires primer on cuts.
      If your siding is on the wall and caulked I wouldn't worry about it to much.
      There is a time requirement to get paint on it for warranty purposes.
      DCT Siding


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        Re: HardiPlank Siding

        As the wood on our home rotted, we replaced it with HardiPlank, one wall at a time (phase 1, 2, and 3 to spread out the expense). We live in a very wet and humid area, and there was a little lag between install and paint, but we were told this would not matter. That comment about the freezing by DCT siding above is good to know.