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just had my bathrooms remodeled

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  • just had my bathrooms remodeled

    that's what my customer told me when i went there to adjust a kohler tub pop up stopper.

    i told them time to remodel it again

    of course the contractor will find that out in the morning when they talk

    i think the tile man was his own plumber

    lets see what else was wrong

    the hansgrohe tub/ shower valve is missing the twin ell, so the shower comes on when the tub is running. plus the tub doesn't seem to have pure cold water. sounds like the trim is reversed or the h&c are reversed.

    best is the double reversed tube trap on the lav sink. or the accordion tailpiece on the trap arm.

    too many to list, but i thought i would give you a good laugh


    notice the shut off they installed on the shower arm to keep the head from spraying while filling the tub.

    that's the shower running while the tub is filling unless they close the shower volume control.

    how about this for a trap arm?

    here's the best of the visuals

    but then again what do you expect for 1.5 million?
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    phoebe it is

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    Re: just had my bathrooms remodeled

    Picky Picky...What is wrong with that
    Don't guess there is any point of knocking the crooked stop vavles and the labels still on the braided supplies.