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Insulation:Cellulose or Fiberglass?

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  • Insulation:Cellulose or Fiberglass?

    Wondering others opinion between the two types of blown insulation. Cellulose and Fiberglass are the ones available here that I'm slightly familiar with.

    Couple of links for them.



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    Re: Insulation:Cellulose or Fiberglass?

    both do a fine job of insulating, but the difference IMO is it ability to control air movement,

    I prefer cellulose, as it is denser,
    example, in my barn I put in a room I call the milk room, and it is heated, I have wanted to reside the building but currently it has 100 year old drop siding on the out side wall, and is not that air tight, I first put in 6 inch fiberglass, and could not keep the room warm, with the wind out of the east, (against the out side wall), I took off the wafer board and reinstalled it and blew in cellulose, into the wall I could heat it easily then, the cellulose will block air infiltration, where fiber glass in bat form will not if there is any pressure against it,

    even in the attic under very cold conditions the heat and cold convection of air movement can reduce the fiber glass to less than half of it effeteness, by the air flow thought the fiberglass.

    now one of the advantages of fiberglass, is you can insulate before one puts up wall board and if remodeling takes place it will stay in place, where a blow in cellulose most likely will fall out during the remodel process,

    there is a process call dense pack that will allow one to blow the walls before one put up wall board, one uses a reinforced plastic sheet and staple it in a way that stretches it tight, and then one can blow it can can be sure all nooks and cranny's are filled, and it packs it to a settle free density, (one company that promotes this process),

    there is also a system of blowing on the cellulose with a light adhesive and water spray and it will stick into a wall cavity and set up hard, but IMO this process can take day if not weeks to dry out fully, and if built up to fast, it can fall out of the wall cavity.
    the ability to make it stick and getting to much liquid is a fine line.

    Fiberglass is cleaner to work with, but will make one itch for days as the glass will enter your skin and itch, cellulose is dusty but I think carries less health risk, (in the lungs),

    cellulose will be treated with fire retardant, and some thing that helps dentures rodents,

    many cellulose manufactures have a video on it fire retardant by rotating two torches on to wall sections one with cellulose and one with fiber glass and the fiberglass melts nearly instantly,
    this video is called the big burn, also the video show the cellulose torch test in ones hand,

    the basic torch test, or demonstration,

    my vote would be for celloulose,

    about the only other draw back from cellulose is one usually needs a machine to blow it on or in with,

    some more of how to install the product, or some ideas,
    Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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      Re: Insulation:Cellulose or Fiberglass?

      Thanks BHD. Fire was a concern as anyone who does some research will see stories that seem to contradict each other.

      The fiberglass industry is very strong on "their product does not burn..." But as the video clearly shows, it melts very quickly and then exposes all of the things that due burn to the flame quicker.

      Don't know a plumber that hasn't accidentally lit the Kraft paper at least once.

      Thanks for the information and videos. Helps alot.



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        Re: Insulation:Cellulose or Fiberglass?

        Just an update. Checked on the two types mentioned. Blown cellulose costs less than blown fiberglass.

        No contractor in the area uses cellulose. Now get this, I can have blown fiberglass installed cheaper than it costs me at a home center to purchase it!

        Looks like I won't have to touch it and it will cost less than if I do it myself. Too bad, seemed like it could be fun.