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  • Side Mount Tool Boxes

    I am considering side mount tool boxes for my pickup truck. I have a System One ladder rack and like the configuration flexibility their sideboxes and pull-out underboxes offer. But they are $1000.00 per box. Does anyone have them? Can anyone suggest another type that has worked well for them?


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    Re: Side Mount Tool Boxes

    have you looked at the weatherguard/ knack line of boxes

    they are part of the emerson electric family. same as ridgid

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Side Mount Tool Boxes

      my truck was/is a flat bed, I just seemed to like flat beds better than a pickup box, (also had a long bed 12') that was very nice, and put a hoist under the bed for use as a light dump type truck if needed,
      but I had the steel top side boxes for my truck, some what like your looking at, (in my instance since the bed was lower, I could see over the boxes and reach over then into the bed as well,
      my boxes were steel and painted white, and I bought them nearly 35 years ago. had them so I could unbolt them and move them and use the full bed if necessary,
      my truck was similar to the picture of the truck below, (this is not my unit) mine had the 12 foot bed and the rear part of the rack was in stake pockets and removable, and had a hoist,

      when it is said and done there is no perfect tool box, there may be some better for ones needs than another I used one 1/3 for general supples I needed, and a section of the for power tools and the other for hand tools, and some other supples, since I still had some bed room I toyed with the idea of adding another, box, and cutting one of the ones I had in two and lining the entire side with tool boxes, but never did, at times I used a supplemental box like Rick was talking about, but most of the time when I had "extra or special tools" they just went in the bed as they for the most part would be unloaded in a few days any way and not keep on the truck,

      some of the area contractors, went to "contractors or service boxs/beds" in time and removed there pickup beds entirely. most just move them to there new Truck if they trade trucks,
      for the most part theft is not a major issue in our area, so pickups still work for the most part,

      one other thing in favor of steel is that if some thing happens to them more people are capable of working steel than aluminum in repairs, (one time the ready mix dropped there front end loader on one of the boxes, and bent it up some, I was able to repair it to good usable with a bottle jack, it it would have been aluminum it would have most like been totaled
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        Re: Side Mount Tool Boxes

        I haven't checked the Weatherguard/Knack line but I will. Thanks.

        My next truck is already being planned in my head and it will be similar to BHD's suggestion. All I will buy is a cab and chasis. I will make the box probably wood floor framed with diamond plate and a diamond plate headache rack. Then I will add tool boxes along the side and maybe have some room for a couple boxes under the bed.


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          Re: Side Mount Tool Boxes

          Years ago I had a set of these boxes built... I ended up selling them before I ever used them.

          I couldn't afford all aluminum at the time but I could afford an aluminum wrap over the top and back.

          I think I had $800 invested, still mostly unassembled (just doors and hardware) and sold for $400.00

          They were long ones and with the aluminum skins...very heavy boxes. Too heavy. Wasn't 1/8" but it was close...and could of made them structurally strong with bending with 1/16" flat steel.

          The doors on those boxes were heavy, like armored truck heavy. I hope they were used/put to use and someone benefitted from them.
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