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  • Schluter System

    Anyone have much experience with the schluter system products? Any advice. Thinking about using it on my next custom tile shower.

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    Re: Schluter System

    I have used the Kerdi product. I did not use the Kerdi pan. It works well and is pretty easy to install. Follow the instructions exactly. Mix the thinset used put up the kerdi to the sheetrock pretty loose... like pancake batter. If you mix it too thick, you get a lot of lumps that are hard to get out. I used the Kerdifix sealant, which is very pricey but seems to be good stuff.

    You can use cementboard if you want but they don't recommend it. Also, if you stick with sheetrock (I did) use regular white board. The thinset sticks much better to it than it does to the greenboard. With the Kerdi, no water gets through to the backer if properly installed, so sheetrock is fine. Overlap the kerdi by the recommended amount to ensure the seams are sealed.

    I put an inspection port on the backside of my installation, and it's been watertight after two years.