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Does drywall get old and unusable?

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  • Does drywall get old and unusable?

    There is someone with drywall that they have had stacked for over 12 years. There was no moisture or sun exposure in the storage area. As the storage location is in the East it has been exposed to heat and cold.

    Does the composition change at all to make it unusable to hang?
    K. Nezz

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    Re: Does drywall get old and unusable?

    Oddly enough, drywall does have a shelf-life, though I'm unsure what that is. A few years ago I rec'd a delivery of Toughrock, 1/2" 4x8's. My only previous experience w/ this brand was 5/8". I noticed 6 or so sheets into hanging that the face was a different color;more importantly the sheets themselves were excessively brittle.

    Sure enough, there was a datecode and those sheets were outside it.

    Shortly thereafter, I taped durock joints w/ thinset as always. The next morning I could literally blow it off the wall. It was at that point that I began to educate myself on the datecoding of all cementitious products as well as check the stock I purchase.

    In your case, frankly, I'd probably not hang the ceilings w/ it. However, if it seems to "behave" as rock should I'd use it a) in closets & b) as a lower course.


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      Re: Does drywall get old and unusable?

      Ensure it's not the dangerous Chinese drywall!!!!
      if it is take to a hazmat dump site immediately

      Cactus Man