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recommend a good top layer material please

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  • recommend a good top layer material please

    We have lots of effloresces in our old poured concrete basement and they are actively growing and very quick. Few weeks or few months later you will see them again after a simple clean. That means we do have serious moisture issue from the soil because the bad poured concrete. We can see the huge differences between the original 50s’ concrete wall and the 80s’ or 70s’ addition concrete wall. One is flat and smooth with enough cement and water when it was poured; another one is uneven and shows too many gravels and sand were used when it was poured. So I plan to put a layer of fine cement to fill in those small holes to reduce the moisture passages, use something like this Quikrete 50 lb. Non-Shrinking Precision Grout. Do you have any better material to recommend?

    We have done two big projects started from last summer: exterior grading and French drain (not down to the foundation) to make sure surface water will have no chance to close to our foundation; interior French drain to make sure no water will come from ground. Now it's time to reduce moisture issue.
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    Re: recommend a good top layer material please

    Efflorescence is caused by moisture passing thru the concrete & depositing salts on the surface. I would clean the surface with muriatic acid then fill the voids with non-shrink grout or hydraulic cement then I would coat the concrete with a good waterproofer UGL & Thoroseal make good ones. I would also dig around the foundation , properly seal the foundation, install drain tile, daylight the tile away from the foundation, and backfill with stone up to 18" below grade. You are going to invest a lot of time & money on your basement you don't want it ruined by water problems.