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Actylene shortage?

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  • Actylene shortage?

    A few months back there was supposed to be (according to a local supplier) a shortage
    of Acetylene due to an industrial accident at Carbide Industries (see below).


    A fire broke out at Carbide Industries’ Louisville plant Monday, March 21.
    The incident claimed the lives of 2 workers, and the plant is now shut down.
    Carbide Industries is the only producer of Calcium Carbide in North America,
    which is necessary in the production of Acetylene Gas.

    There is likely going to be a shortage of Acetylene. Prices will increase and/or
    surcharges will be added from Acetylene producers. We are currently working
    hard to keep you supplied, but may also be forced to implement an allocation
    of Acetylene.

    My question is have any of you experienced problems with obtaining Acetylene or has
    the price jumped due to the shortage claimed above?

    If so, how have you adapted? Switch to an alternative fuel gas or grin and bear it?

    Or, is this just a ploy to boost the price.

    I can't remember anyone mentioning a problem in the past few months so I am curious.

    You also might find this comparison of Acetylene with other fuel gasses interesting.

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    Re: Actylene shortage?

    I too have found this out back in April, needed to refill my acetylene for my cuttin torch. Called around they all said same thing bout the fire. Cost went from 35.00 to 83.00 for my size bottle. ugh!



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      Re: Actylene shortage?

      we never had a problem in PA

      My seek the peek fundraiser page

      new work pictures 12/09


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        Re: Actylene shortage?

        Plumber Rick called me a few months ago on the subject of his supply house trying to charge him an outrageous price on exchanging his tank,80 bucks rings a bell.
        At that time I paid $35.00 to fill my B-Tank


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          Re: Actylene shortage?

          Haven't noticed really. My B tank hasn't been exchanged in 6 months. Buying mostly disposable LP tanks lately. I did notice that all the local Fergusons are storing their refilled acetylene tank on their sides for some reason.


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            Re: Acetylene shortage?

            your not supposed to store an acetylene tank on it side, and defiantly not use it if it has been on it side for a good number of hours,

            Gas welding and cutting. - 1926.350


            Transporting, moving, and storing compressed gas cylinders.


            Compressed gas cylinders shall be secured in an upright position at all times except, if necessary, for short periods of time while cylinders are actually being hoisted or carried.
            some additional sources on acetylene safety
            Acetylene Storage,Acetylene Cylinders,Acetylene Gas Cylinders,Acetylene Gas Storage

            Using & Storing Acetylene Gas
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              Re: Actylene shortage?

              Our tanks from Toronto (and probably most of Canada) get refilled at the plant in as usual...$32 CDN for a B-Tank


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                Re: Actylene shortage?

                Being a welder,I have more tanks than most.Big. Oxy,and acetylene. C25 for shielding Mild steel,Argon for Allum. tri gas for stainless , and b tank for plumbing. I own them all. I just fired Praxair { they were charging Me a Haz.sur charge Duty on
                products that don't Qualify!] It cost them their biggest account!] I brought this up to My friend, He checked His invoices
                We both trade with air Gas Now!. " comes around goes around " Check Price on B tanks from Air Gas !
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                  Re: Actylene shortage?

                  Carbide Industries operates differently after fatal explosion - Louisville News Kentucky Indiana News Weather Sports

                  Photo linked from US Chemical Safety Board site.

                  Carbide Industries Fire and Explosion

                  CSB Investigators Deploying to Fatal Explosion and Fire in Louisville

                  The CSB is an independent federal agency charged with investigating industrial chemical
                  accidents. The agency's board members are appointed by the President and confirmed by the
                  Senate. CSB investigations look into all aspects of chemical accidents, including physical
                  causes such as equipment failure as well as inadequacies in regulations, industry standards,
                  and safety management systems.
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                    Re: Actylene shortage?

                    I would have to throw the BS flag on this one . A friend told me about this a month ago. I went to ferguson and asked about the supposed shortage . They said that was total BS and they had plenty of acetylen. I alway have atleast 5 tanks on hand though. Oh and 3 MC tanks too
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