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Replacing 72" Patio Door Header With Double LVL Header

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  • Replacing 72" Patio Door Header With Double LVL Header

    I'm building a 12x12 sunroom addition to my home. The sunroom will have a cross gable roof attached to the existing gable roof over my family room & garage (single story). Since the load of the sunroom will be centered over th 72" patio door I need to remove the existing header and replace it with a double LVL header, and triple up the jack studs. The double top plate over the patio door runs perpendicular to the ceiling joists over the family room. I believe therefor this is a load bearing wall and that the wall must be supported prior to removing the existing header? Can anyone confirm this, and how should this be done? Can the wall be supported from outside of my home, by bracing the soffit/facia? Will a temporary brace running the length of the 72" door a few feet back from the door on the inside of the family room work?