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  • Planning a new home

    We are in the process of planning to build a new home and was wondering what percent of building one is the finish work and materials. (Floor, moldings, kitchen and bathroom fixtures ect.) I know the
    quality of materials would affect the cost so I am looking at a medium price.

    Thanks in advance for your answers.


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    Re: Planning a new home

    Your question is to difficult to answer based on the information you provided. Medium price is meaningless. A medium price house in todays market could be a low cost home in two years.

    Consideration has to be made for things like, where your building. Are you required to use Union workers, Licensed contractors, etc.... How elaborate you plan on going with the detail work.

    Some examples of tract home finish work. You buy a house based on a a model home review. As the house progresses in construction the builder contacts you and asks things like, "before we close the walls do you want a central vac put in?, Do you want Ethernet outlets in every room? Security wiring throughout" Then further along they may contact you for wall upgrades. What type of finish do you want. Smooth wall, or textured. Knock down ceilings or circular textured ceiling. Crown Molding, etc...

    I have seen list price $750,000.00 homes, easily add another $300,000 in extras by the time it was done.


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      Re: Planning a new home

      If you are buying a tract home, buy it with the bare minumum, once you get it re-do it the way you want it. Typically the builder tacks on a HUGE chunk of money to upgrades.

      You need to come up with a dollar figure of what you can afford, talk to local builders, they can give you a "price per square foot" on what you want will cost.

      Where I live, to just get a permit is going to take you 6 months and 30K to get the city to talk to you about getting a permit.

      Plan now, or fail later.
      We don't have preventative maintenance around here, we have CRISIS MANAGEMENT!