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shed foundation

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  • shed foundation

    I need to build myself a shed, about 12 to 14 feet by 8 to 10 feet. I am undecided on a foundation. I thought maybe a skid foundation, ot perhaps solid concrete blocks. I don't really want to dig holes (4 feet in my area is required) or hire a guy to pour footings/slab (too $$$$).

    What do you think?

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    Re: shed foundation

    4' is required in your area for code, or because of freezing? Or both? Do you normally need a permit for a shed in Ontario?

    I live in New England and my shed sits on sonotube "footings". I know you don't want to dig, but I did all the digging and pouring for mine in just a couple hours. Costs less than $50 and yields better results than skids or blocks.


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      Re: shed foundation

      yes, 4 feet in both code and frost line here in ontario.

      Did you build your shed floor directly on the concrete piers?


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        Re: shed foundation

        The shed sits on the piers. For tax purposes, it is not attached to the piers, it only sits on them. That way I can tell the city that it is not a permanent structure, if they ever try to tax me on it. BTW, the shed is 8' x 12'. As it is not permanent, it needed no permit.

        Would this approach work in Canada?