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  • concrete sealer

    I have been considering this for some time. Is it a good idea to seal a concrete basement floor? I have read that some say its a good idea, and others say to leave untreated concrete alone.

    Many people paint the floor, and other use products that block water vapour from coming up through the floor.

    Does anyone have experience with products like drylok floor paint, radon seal, and the like?

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    Re: concrete sealer

    What I can tell you about these products is to make sure that you use the etching liquid first before you apply the product. I once saw a basement that had been completely drylok'd. After a good hard rainfall, the paint came off anywhere the water was trying to work its way in. It can't hold water back if it isn't applied properly.

    Of course the best thing to do is to divert water away from the house so it can't get to the basement. I guess drylok is a good last line of defense, if properly applied!


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      Re: concrete sealer

      Don't have any water seepage, just trying to reduce the humitity. I do run a dehumidifier, but thought if i could stop water vapour from coming up through the slab I could give the dehumidifier a break once and a while. Not sure if concrete is supposed to "breathe". Some articles say seal it, others say not to.

      I'll start a new thread with this question.
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