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insulation for gas fireplace question

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  • insulation for gas fireplace question

    When we built our house in 2005, the contractor installed a gas fire place. We don't have chimney, so they built a dog house around it. We use it every now and then in the winter.

    My question is can I insulate the very bottom of the fireplace? There is a 6 inch space directly underneath the firebox that the gas lines, pilot light switch, remote control sensor and an outlet box are housed. This seems to be where most of the cold air is coming from. Can I insulate the bottom of this box making sure that the insulation doesn't come in contact with the firebox area? What would I use? I would have to do this from the outside as there is a cover I can remove on the bottom of the dog house since it sits a 3 feet off the ground.

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    Re: insulation for gas fireplace question

    blown in cellulose will not burn,and its very good insulation.



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      Re: insulation for gas fireplace question

      That question is one best posed to the manufacturer of your fireplace. That appliance has a UL rating, and that stamp more or less means the unit was tested till it more or less failed to make sure it is safe. If you modify it by adding insulation to it, you could possibly cause a fire in your home, or change how the unit operates. Your outside walls should have insulation in them already, the unit more than likely requires 1" clearance to combustibles, and the flue, depending on its construction, either 1" or 2" clearance. You might be able to cut up some pieces of tin and line the back of the void to act as a draft stop. I don't know about using any sort of insulation or cellulose, I do not recommend it. You could do it, and remove it to use the fireplace but eventually somebody will forget to remove it. Where is the home drawing its combustion air from?
      We don't have preventative maintenance around here, we have CRISIS MANAGEMENT!