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  • Siding, Reframe Roof, Insulate... Wood Shop

    Just got a new property with an existing 30' x 32' garage. Plan on using it for my wood shop.

    ***Flooring***Have no plans besides pressure washing. I'm afraid to paint it, because I'll probably be dragging tools & material across it. There are lots of minor cracks, but nothing that concerns me. What do you guys prefer raw or painted concrete.

    ***Roofing*** There are several metal post that support a low pitch wood framed roof, it's finished with tin sheets. My concerns are - no insulation, roof drains water to the front/rear, rotting framing.

    My plans are for a new roof that slopes so the water drains off the left/right side of the building. Has about approximate 6' - 7' of headroom in the peak, so I can install a gas furnace (I've got a leftover AC/Furnace) and have storage.

    The garage is about 30' - 32' deep. I'd probably need 2 support post down the center. And some framing built at the end of the beam to support it. This is where I need the most help from you guys. Should I go ahead and frame out/insulate the interior walls to help support the new roof framing? Or will I be just fine with the roof resting on the block walls supported by an interior beam down the center?

    ***Exterior*** Raw cinder blocks, it looks ugly. I'd like fur the exterior walls out, install foam board insulation and maybe use cement board siding. How thick should should my furs be, so I don't have to insulate the inside.

    ***Interior Walls*** Only concern is that in a few places I can see daylight through blocks/mortar joints. I don't know how concern I should be. In some places it's just one block, other places it's several blocks. These cracks can't be seen unless there is direct sunlight behind the wall.

    I'd prefer to leave the block walls inside the garage exposed. I'd mount all my electrical & dust collection system using Uni-strut. I don't know if I need to frame the walls to support a new roofing system & better insulate the garage?

    I'll try to snap a few photo's if they will be helpful. Thanks in advance guys.