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  • Warranty

    Hey , to all contractors out there

    If you own any of the ridgid lifetime warrantied tools dont forget to read the SMALL print. Heaven forbid you bought a saw, or tool to really work with, no, reading warranties and small print is why I buy all of my tools!!!!!
    I get paid way to much by my customers to actually do any work for them, so I prefer to sit around and read my new tool warranties all day long. Or better yet, look on the Ridgid web site and read the lifetime warranty, it really looks pretty impressive, at least for the 1st three pages or so, not until you finish reading the warranty and heaven forbid something breaks ,on the top of the line $500.00 plus slide compound miter saw, more than 90 days later , then you hear about the limited 3 year warranty that you now have because you didn't take a full day off to read the fine print, so join us in the movement, yes sir its called "The end to all the fine print movement" , something like out of an old Arlo Guthrie song, and stand up for yourselves " LIKE MEN USED TO DO " before our wifes took our credit cards and friends away ( and before they made us mow lawns on Sundays during the football season, or Nascar race days).

    AND ABOVE ALL, BOYCOTT THOSE LYING LITTLE KIDS AT " HOME DEPOT " whom have never worked an honest blister busting day in their lives, and let Ridgid tool company know that its not a life time warranty if they don't HONOR it regardless of their stupid registration cards,
    SHAME ON THEM TOO !!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Warranty

    What a fantastic topic again. Wait till Tony AFM reads this. Downunder here we have issues with the most useless rep god put breath into. It is always our fault. We are always misusing and abusing the Ridgid tools. They never have manufacturing faults, everything from Ridgid and big fat Chris is perfect. What Ridgid dont have is someone we can actually talk to and help with R&D when we find failures. After-all wouldnt they benefit from free imput from us. nah, just send in the useless slug of a rep to say no no no no no. If the gear wasnt as good as it is I would jump ship to Rothenburger but their stuff doesnt cut it.

    Ridgid australia - do yourself a favour and get rid of the useless rep that all the wholesalers have no time for because they even say he is a waste of space and listen to us. We can really help and we are not all liars as you are made to believe from the King Dud.

    Now for Tony's input, I cant wait to see if he can upstage me on this topic...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      Re: Warranty

      Hows that old saying go.......A fool and his money are soon parted.
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        Re: Warranty

        Originally posted by boycotter View Post
        Blah blah... lifetime warranty... Blah blah... let Ridgid tool company know that its not a life time warranty... Blah blah
        It's not a lifetime warranty. It's not even called a lifetime warranty. It's a lifetime SERVICE AGREEMENT.
        In other words, if YOU agree to do this, then THEY agree to do that. You first. And if you didn't hold up your end of the agreement, you've got no room to whine.
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          Re: Warranty

          Another "whiner" who apparently couldn't even get the topic location correct.

          What are all those pages of "fine print" that you are talking about? Man, there's signs all over the place in Home Depot, also on the single registration card, and here on the website. If you're listening to an "orange apron" then apparently you ARE a novic, especially if you don't ask questions, like: "Is there anything I need to do to get this 'Lifetime' thing?"

          Sorry, no sympathy here... I find the tools work well, I care enough about my purchases to "know" what I'm buying and to be reponsible enough to understand how to ensure I know the ins and outs of warranty and service issues. It takes less than 30 minutes to do the couple of steps it takes to properly register a Ridgid tool into the LLSA program. That 30 minutes has a major potential for return on my investment in the Ridgid tool that I buy.

          Hopefully you will learn from this experience. But if not, then I understand why you might want to buy another brand and good luck with that.

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            Re: Warranty

            I can understand the reason for sending in the original UPC receipt and cut out from the original package in order to register Ridgid tools.
            What I don't understand is the reason for requesting we mail in the online printout of the online registration page showing name, addr, and tools registered when you registered the tools directly online. The page they want you to mail-in already has all of this information entered online. So why the double registration... i.e. first online followed by mail? Please explain???


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              Re: Warranty

              I have bought a few tools that were lemons right out of the box, or failed within 90 days. I still get angry at myself for paying full retail for replacement batteries back in the day because I did not bother registering, nor reading any product documentation that came with my products... Then I discovered how to read, the returns black hole at Home Depot, and made friends with every tool department manager within a 40 mile radius, and of course craigslist.. Now the hit to the ol pocketbook is not so bad.
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                Re: Warranty

                Luckily, I never had this problem because I never bought my tools at HD. I've always and always will buy my tools at Sears. Rigid just "looks" cheap to me. Worker and contractor for over 20 years.
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