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Patterned (decorative) Concrete Sealer

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  • Patterned (decorative) Concrete Sealer

    I used my last pail of sealer over a year ago after getting out of the stamped concrete business. I guess I have not bought a pail for a few years now and the game seems to have changed due to the VOC laws. All we would ever consider using was Euclid's Everclear now they seem to have very few distributors in my area and it seems that they only carry Euclid's water based sealer. My old supplier dropped them and now carries W.R. Meadows which I remember as a close competitor to Euclid.
    W.R. still has a VOC compliant solvent based sealer (Decra Seal VOC) which is what I am leaning towards purchasing.
    Anyone out there doing stamped (decorative) concrete sealing? What are you using? Have you tried the water based sealers - thoughts?
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