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Ceramic tile removal

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  • Ceramic tile removal

    We have about 30 square feet-SWAG- of ceramic tile that was installed with thinset over a concrete slab. Due to poor decisions on how much of the room to tile originally, a broken tile, and the fact that this tile was discontinued we now have to remove it to put down new stuff. My question is how hard will it be to remove this stuff? Dad bought a spyder scrapper for the sawzall but at this point I have my doubts. I think it will require an air chisel or an SDS hammer.

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    Re: Ceramic tile removal

    Yes I would recommend an SDS hammer with a tile chisel. I have one of those scraper attachments for the sawzall but I believe that is for cleaning up the thinset after the tile is removed (and it does do a good job of doing that). But for actually popping the tiles off I don't think that's the right tool. Apart from anything the stroke depth on a sawzall is very much longer than on a hammer so the tiles may keep breaking. Using a tile chisel I've found a lot of times the tiles quickly pop off and in many cases without breaking up.


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      Re: Ceramic tile removal

      Ceramic tiles can easily be removed, with just little effort. The main tools required for removing the ceramic tile are hammer, small steel chisel,steel scraper. To begin with take the small chisel and hammer and begin chiseling out the grout around that piece which is first to go. After this is done, take the steel scraper and pry it under the piece. Now, take the hammer and gently tap the scraper, and the first piece will come out of the hardest. Be careful not to gouge the floor or the wall, where the tile is being removed.
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        Re: Ceramic tile removal

        Get a Bosch Bulldog with a tile removal bit and a jack hammer with a wide blade. I've removed enough tile too know any other method is a waste of time.
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          Re: Ceramic tile removal

          You can infact go over the old tile with the new if the old is in good shape. But it sounds as though you should take them up a good air chisel should work fine just be careful not to do much damage to the concrete an oscillating tool is good for scraping up the old thinset.goodluck.


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            Re: Ceramic tile removal

            For around a 100 bucks harbor freight has a air tile scrapper that has no equal,
            you need a med size air compressor . a real back saver