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  • vapor barrier

    I am building a small polebarn (16x24) it will have a rock floor it will be used for a tractor and mowers
    my question is it a good idea to put down heavy plastic before I add the rock or would I be creating some other problem? thanks Ken

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    Re: vapor barrier

    If it was mine I would not,

    but I have no basis for that decision, really, and I really do not see what good it would accomplish,

    MY thoughts are,
    I may add it if a concrete floor was being poured, the one thought that comes to mind is if some thing gets spilled there is no place for it to go, but down to the plastic and it just sets, (some may say that is why you should),
    but but say you have a snow covered tractor and you move it in side and it starts to drip and melt, where is that water going to go? through a few inches of rock and sets. and I would think that at least at first the rock would move enough to possibly cut the plastic when some thing is driven over it,
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      Re: vapor barrier

      thanks I never gave that a thought I'll just stick with the rock.


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        Re: vapor barrier

        Yes don't pour plastic because it is generally slippery and for heavy vehicles such as tractors concrete floor is most suitable.


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          Re: vapor barrier

          You could put some woven geotextile fabric down. This will let the water (and anything else liquid
          as BHD pointed out) drain through while stopping weeds and such from pushing up through from
          below, but will stop the stone from migrating down into the soil over the next couple years.
          It's tougher than the plastic sheeting normally used as a vapor barrier under concrete.

          I was thinking the same as you but decided against it and just put the stone down with no sheeting.
          I hauled 20 ton of 3/4" crushed stone and spread it about 3-4' thick. I have two sheds that will be going
          up to provide cover for tractor, trailers, backhoe, plus some outside storage space where equipment or
          attachments are not sitting in the dirt.
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            Re: vapor barrier

            I agree with Bob D. Normally you'd put a vapor barrier down if you need to protect your flooring type like epoxy, tile etc.. which doesnt breath. Since it's a stone floor, vapor moving up through the earth with keep move thru your stone flooring and thru the pole barn not causing any
            thing bad.
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