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Who makes the best carport and garage kits?

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  • Who makes the best carport and garage kits?


    I am in the planning stage of erecting a 24X26 carport, and an 18X24 shop building. I'm looking for quality, and value. Preferably a 30-year warranty at least. I am looking for the kits only, and will make arrangements to erect both buildings on my end, so I have some control over who does the work. The best option I have found so far is Powerbuilt Buildings, in Virginia Beach, VA. Their product looks to be of good quality, and they advertise a 30-year warranty. Their pricing is also very much in line.

    For those who have been there and done that, does this look like a good option, or are there better ones?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Who makes the best carport and garage kits?

    Steel Buildings | Metal Buildings | Garage Kits - Powerbilt Buildings
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      Re: Who makes the best carport and garage kits?

      I would make sure the building has the wind and snow load capabilities your area may experience, and if there is an insulation kit or a way of insulation it after the build, also try to find out if there kits are accurate punched, My SIL has put up steel buildings nd bins for a lot of his life, and some are easy as every thing alignes and on some nearly ever hole needs reamed or re drilled, so try to get a list of customers and talks to them with the buildings not the company for satisfaction of the unit, also discuss this with the erector, I know my SIL will not work on some buildings manufacture, (I would consider the idea of dealing local instead of some company hundreds of miles away by mail order, (I would stay away from round top and slant wall buildings, as the walls are not vertical and hard to hand things and yes you have a large floor space but the walls slant in and you loose a lot of it as you can not put a bench up to the wall, it is a foot or so out on the bottom of the wall,
      Quonsets or round top building had a place but more for farm storage of grains and the like where the side walls do not matter,

      In our area Butler buildings Home |*Butler Manufacturing are usually considered top of the line, they make the best grain bins, and buildings most think, but many farmers go pole barns, Lester Metal Buildings, Pole Barns, Steel Buildings - Lester Buildings or Morton Buildings Morton Buildings - Pole Barns, Horse Barns, Steel Buildings, Metal Buildings, Storage Buildings, Farm Buildings

      IF I was going to put a steel building I would probably go with a company named B&C, out of Nebraska, B&C Steel Corporation - Scottsbluff-Gering, Nebraska - Home they know the area and they know the weather and they serve the area and there building that were built in the 40's and 50's are still good buildings,
      I would either choose a national good brand that has a good history (not nessarly a radio advertised brand) or a good local company that serves the area well and has a good reputation,

      the truth is for my self on a little building like that I would jsut put up my own, never even deal with a company, or a kit, if I wanted a steel frame I would make it out of some light weight tubing and if not convental wood frame for the building, the car port I would make my own frame and cover it with tin,

      (not sure what you mean by a carport but many are using this style (know nothing of the company I am linking to only for the picture,) or

      I know on some of the homested fourms some are buying the car port kit and added a few more sheets of tin for a very low cost barn,
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        Has anyone worked with Sunward Steel out of Denver Colorado?
        They also consist of Wedgcor Steel & Rockford Steel Buildings.