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  • CORK Floor ?

    were doing a little fixing on the kitchen in the house here, and when we were in town we saw some cork snap together flooring, and picked up a sample,

    there is about an 1/8" top cork, (no pattern), 1/4 hard board, and about 1/6" cork on the bottom,

    I have read a lot of pro and cons on cork and kitchens and laundry rooms, the main concern is water will seep down in the seams and expand the hard board,
    nearly all the lower cost flooring seems to suggest to add at lest one if not two coast of water based urethane even tho it is pre sealed,

    I was looking on the computer and searching out things and came across cork underlayment, in various thickness, from 1/16 of an inch, to about 3/8" and some thicker,

    now I know cork has been used in flooring since the late 1800's and I do not have proof of this, but my guess is the old cork was glued down, and then varnished or waxed, for a seal,

    OK now the thought that came across me was to glue down the underlayment and then seal it with a water based urethane, thinking of using 1/4 thick cork, over a solid ply wood base, (I figured it would cost about a 1/3 of what the snap together.

    my figuring is if it does not work I could always put the click together over the top of it,

    any one been around the "OLD" cork floors and have any knowledge of them,

    the only thing I can think of is if the adhesive that the ground cork granules are glued together,
    but I would think even the underlayment, glues used today would at least be as good as the glues of the 1800's,

    any thoughts? What problems do you see with it.
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    Re: CORK Floor ?

    It was quite common to install cork floors in the 50's and 60's. It came in a tile form (with some type of coating on it--vinyl of some type) and it was glued down. I have seen it used in all types of rooms, but I can't give you any info on long range stability.


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      Re: CORK Floor ?

      I've installed it, was 24"x24" tiles 1/4" thick. Used a contact adhesive to set. To me, it seemed no different than the 1/4" sheet cork you a are asking about. Installing it might be tricky with it on a roll because once you stick it, its not going to move very easily. The stuff I installed got 3 coats of urethane over it.


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        Re: CORK Floor ?

        I have never installed it but it works well with radiant heat. It looks nice too.
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