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removing base plates

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  • removing base plates

    I have framed my whole basement for finishing. Went to get my building permit and found out that the base plates needed to be treated wood, which they aren't.
    Is there a way to remove the base plates that already have the studs toe-nailed in without tearing down all of the framing?

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    Re: removing base plates

    a reciprocating saw (saws all type) and metal cutting blade or very good wood/N nail blade, and cut at the bottom of each stud and cut the nails sawing across the joint, and my guess is you will need a nail rated for treated lumber, common steel nails will normally get ate up by the treated lumber,
    DOUBLE HOT-DIP GALVANIZED PRESSURE TREATED LUMBER NAILS:: Maze Nails | Maze Online Catalog | Maze Group: (800) 435-5949 | Made in America | Domestic Hardware that is American Made
    With CCA-treated lumber being phased out, the treated wood industry now recommends hot-dipped galvanized steel fasteners or stainless steel fasteners be used with their new treatment formulations.
    wear a dust mask, goggles, when sawing and gloves, a splinter can get serious if not taken care of.

    ask the dealer for proper safety of the product they sell,
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      Re: removing base plates

      In most cases a "monkey claw" (nail puller) will remove those toenails quickly.


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        Re: removing base plates

        in retrospect shouldn't you have the building permit "before" you begin the project?
        Then you would not have to tear out your new work .

        I echo what Pipestone Kid and BHD say.
        Take your time and work carefully and you may be able to reuse your studs.

        Have you considered metal studs instead of wood? They are easy to work with.
        a metal base and top plate then metal studs.
        It may be better in a potentially damp environment.

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          Re: removing base plates

          I agree with the guys above. No one mentioned to support the wall with something temporary before you proceed with pulling the nails or cutting them. Either way have fun and remember safety !