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Oregon building codes for deck stairs?

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  • Oregon building codes for deck stairs?

    Hi all... I have an existing deck that is attached to my house. It's a second story deck. I would like to put in a set of stairs that go from ground level to the deck. I'm having a hard time locating any type of building codes for this. In specific, how far away does the stairs have to be away from the home. I would assume that there has to be some space given that if the siding on the home should ever need to be replaced, a worker would be able to get between the stairs and the structure of the home....

    I've already tried to find this information at the Oregon building codes website but just not finding anything... Has anyone else ever needed this information?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Oregon building codes for deck stairs?

    Try the local building inspector or building department, (most likely you need a permit and inspection to do the job within the law)
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