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metal pole building insulation retrofit help

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  • metal pole building insulation retrofit help

    I am up in Seabeck/Silverdale WA State area and have inherited a pole building work shop. It was not used in a long time and mice have gotten into the insulation and destroyed it. We plan on fixing up the building to use as a computer shop / art studio, so need to insulate it and put Sheetrock up and control the moisture in the finished area. I am trying my best to avoid taking the metal siding off (way beyond me) and have also ripped out as much of the white vinyl insulation/vapor barrier out as I can since the mice destroyed it, really mad about that. This area will be heated but not air conditioned at this point

    Some back information: I have no idea if the shop is ventilated at all if it is its at the ridge cap there is no overhang at all. it was built back around 2002 As a rough idea. There where already condensation problems with just the standard vinyl backed insulation not horrible. the floors seems to sealed concrete that's good and the area we are finishing has a wood stove.

    So what are my options in WA ST to insulate / stop condensation in the building. I have looked at the spray foam and right now that's all I can come up with besides taking off the walls and putting new insulation blanket up but I hesitate to do that since mice already created a problem the first time it was done that way. Also was thinking of doing 2" CC SPF then putting up insulation bats and sheet rocking but I don't know if that would cause a moisture problem in the wall....

    Really looking for some good information here on what to do next have heard and read so many ideas that I am not sure what will really work and still work 10 yrs down the road.

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    Re: metal pole building insulation retrofit help

    I worked on a steel building and the boss wanted fiberglass batts used to insulate the ceiling. they became sponges for the condensation.
    If I was to do it again. I would do it very differently this time around.
    I would strap the ceiling leaving a space like an attic insulate the new ceiling, put in vapour barrier and seal it well.
    Walls would be done same way to keep the batts from touching the steel walls.
    if money is not an opition, call a spray foam insulation company to give you a quote.