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  • Deck steps question

    Width of the steps is 8 feet
    using pre built risers from HD that have 5 steps

    actual step material I want to use is 5/4 deck boards

    what is the spacing for the risers for 8 feet wide steps ?
    I was thinking of using the following idea.

    6 inches from each side and then dividing the left over space equally
    then spacing each rising 28 inches apart of center?

    using 5 risers total

    do i need more risers or should i go with 2 x6 material for the steps instead of 5/4 like the rest of the deck flooring?

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    Re: Deck steps question

    I am not a builder or carpenter but I would no use 5/4 treads and I would want the stringers closer than 6 inches to the edge of the stair. Ip think 28 inches is too much, 24 inches max I would think, but just guessing. I take it this is open on both sides. What about railings? With 6 steps you will need them. What is the rise of the stair and how much room on the run do you have to work with?
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      Re: Deck steps question

      There is a railing planned, I was just hoping to use up the material I have on hand as it is a two hour plus trip to the nearest lumber yard that carries cedar.
      because of the slope of the ground, the deck is 40 inches off the ground at the highest spot. I just wanted to run this by other people and get their in out and steal their knowledge.


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        Re: Deck steps question

        19 3/16 on centers is the recommended for 5/4.

        Most decent tape measures have a little black triangle at these intervals.


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          Re: Deck steps question

          Stuart--Your math doesn't add up. If you are using five stringers (risers as you called them) You would have four spaces. Using quick math, if the two outside stringers were set in six inches that would leave +/_ seven feet divided by 4 spaces or approximately 20 inches. This would be acceptable for 5/4 material. However, in my opinion the equal rise of each step is far more important. What is the rise of these precut stringers from HD? Will the bottom riser be the same as the top and all other steps. If not, you are courting disaster.Someone will trip--the human brain automatically adjusts and if one riser is off, it will malfunction.


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            Re: Deck steps question

            Stuart, get a couple extra stringers and use 2x's. The extra support is well worth avoiding someone getting hurt, and my experience with 5/4 is that it does not hold up as well as 2x's especially on stairs. Frank


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              Re: Deck steps question

              I know the risers have to be equal height, that is the easiest part to make happen.
              I will get another riser and get the 2x material. no sense cutting corners on stairs.

              I will be taking away some dirt and level the ground. loader and tractor fixes that and going to put in patio stones to have a firm base on.
              I just wanted to know if I could use 5/4 thick deck boards as steps. Guess a trip to HD this weekend is the plan to get more 2x 6 material to do the steps


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                Re: Deck steps question

                Well if you're going to HD anyway, why not pickup a few bags of concrete and pour a pad? Sorry I couldn't help that. My buddy calls that being a brave cornerman since it's easy to send in a hurting fighter with a few words of encouragement rather than being the fighter! In this situation, you are the one doing the work, not me. I'm sure whatever you decide it will be safe, functional and look good. Take care.Frank