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Laying brick over plywood.

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  • Laying brick over plywood.

    So I have a customer who wants the fire wood holder next to the fireplace filled in with brick. It is about a foot deep and 2 feet by 3 feet. I don't have much experience with brick so what is the best way to fill it? Can I build a small 2x4 frame with plywood on top to take up most of the space then set just one layer of bricks on top?

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    Re: Laying brick over plywood.

    First I am not fully following what your trying to do, but a drawing or photo would help,

    I am not saying that one layer of brick will or not work, but what I am reading to me does not sound as if it is the best solution,

    one thing I would consider is the "fake thin brick" that is thin, and is (IMO) more non pro friendly, than full masonry products, and if working over a ply wood base, less weight and with the lath will be more flexible, on some of the thin products, you use a metal lath, and put a mortar base on and then back butter the brick or rock piece, and stick it on, and then work out the joints,

    the other is to bring in some one who has the experience to do a correct job,

    I would not consider my self a mason, but have layed up a number of basements, layed some rock, and have done some thin fake rock or man made rock,
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      Re: Laying brick over plywood.

      I am assuming the wood is loaded in the top of the hearth instead of the front.

      I would line the box with Dow Duramate Styrofoam. The height would be total height minus thickness of brick minus bedding material ( I would use modified thinset with 1/2 notched trowel) minus 3".

      Then I would use 1lb. density Styrofoam & piece together a block 18" x 30" x by your base height.

      Centered it in the hole, fill with concrete to 3" above the Styrofoam & put a piece of mesh in the top.

      I would then set the brick using modified thinset & grout the joints later.

      Good luck matching the existing brick & mortar.

      I would not use wood it will suck moisture & rot.

      Yes I know it is inside, but it will still suck moisture.


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        Re: Laying brick over plywood.

        How about framing with metal studs, and Durock, (cement board)? I agree that matching existing brick could be a challenge.


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          Inside or outside fireplace? I'd only be concerned about moisture.