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    Not sure if anyone here watch "Shark Tank" (I don't but my current job sup does) and I can't believe they turned this guy down. I have been doing commercial work now for 10 years an I can't even tell you how many broken sprinkler heads have happened that I've heard about. This tool would save thousands of dollars or repairs if every job supervisor, maintenance personal, janitor, etc hand one on hand. I'm am going to order one, just in case I ever pop a sprinkler. I've bumped them with ladders and plywood before, and got lucky it never broke. Ridgid, maybe you should contact them about branding one with your name and create a partnership! !!

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    Honestly, it's nothing new. Maybe his vicegrip design is, but there are sprinkler shut off tools that have been around as long as I've been in plumbing. the one im familiar with already has the extension pole on it.

    along with his little water weenie that he shoved into the washing machine hose too. I saw 1 of those designs about 5 years ago at our trade show.

    the fireman was also wrong with his statement that only 1 head goes off when you break a head. That's true for most systems, unless you happen to damage 1 thats part of a water curtain with a pilot head. Not common inside a building, but very common with fire protection next to buildings and openings.

    ps. Fire sprinler water that's in steel pipe stinks and is black and oily.

    cpvc, copper and pex systems don't make as much nasty, smelly mess. Still a wet mess.

    phoebe it is