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Painting a concrete porch

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  • Painting a concrete porch

    Hi. I have a front porch with an overhang, and last year we had a PVC railing installed. In order to make the panels fit, the contractor had to move a couple posts. In the places where the posts were, he chipped out what looked like rotten wood (the old posts were sunk into the concrete when it was built in 1994) and then he troweled some sort of cement in there. After a few weeks, I decided to paint the whole porch, so I pressure washed it, waited a couple days, and then painted with a basic light gray latex porch paint.

    I am happy with all but the places the contractor applied his patches; those have blistered, and feel "mushy" to me. It's as if the patch was transmitting water upward under the paint. What do I have to do in order to address this?

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    did he remove all the wood?

    if not I would suggest to open them up finish removing the wood and re grouting them in,
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      You may have painted to soon. I don't know what he used for patching material, but I know that concrete gives off heat and moisture as it cures. And curing can take up to a month, depending on weather, thickness etc.


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        Can I wire brush the blistered areas, and then let them air dry for a few weeks? Being on the front edge of the porch, those spots are exposed to the elements, so I'm not sure how well I can keep them away from rain water.

        As far as thickness, the porch itself sits on a cement block foundation. It looks like that foundation may have been filled with stone, and then the porch built by forms to be about 4-6 inches thick. So I presume the wooden posts may have been sunk in up to 6 inches into this poured area.


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          My guess is you did not follow the instructions. Most latex paints for concrete want you to wait at least 60 days after concrete is placed until you paint, then you need to acid etch the concrete, then the 1st coat needs to be watered down, & then you can put the 2nd coat on undiluted.
          You can clean the paint off where it is peeling, acid etch it, wait 30 days & then paint it again.