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    I finished my 354" Art's and Craft fence a couple of months ago. Split it between two summers. Each section has from 60 to 72 hand cut pieces in it. Each post is at least 3' in the ground set in concrete. The Garden door and the Vehicle door were the funniest to make. All I need to do now is buy the post caps.
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    Very nice work Charles. Did your neighbor offer to share the cost for the common fence?

    nice and green landscaping there too. Might need to run some piping 700 miles to help us out too.

    phoebe it is


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      that is very nice, but it is beautiful work, (I am glad your keeping it up and not me).

      I build fences but there longer and not near as beautiful I just decorate them with barbed wire strands, but the cows do not complain, In the last few days I have put in about 70 posts, just driven the soil, no cement. I love my post driver. most all of my min fences are over 100 years old so ever so often it takes many posts to keep them up. seems like about half of the post need replaced from time to time, most of the time the posts last 15 to 20 years, some better than others,

      again beautiful work I like it,

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        Beautiful. I like the pergola above the gates.
        What species of wood did you use and what finish?


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          Excellent job. 354' is no short fence especially with that much detail.


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            Thanks everyone. It was a lot of work but the finished product sure finishes my yard. Rick I only wish. House on right is a adult foster care and they do not spend 1 cent they do not have to. That was the first side I did after several times finding a elderly tenant with a walker in my back yard. The owner on the left was going to pay 1/2 but then decided to sell. He did pay for the stain on his side. The posts and rails are all pressure treated fir and the panels are Western Red Cedar.
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