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What is the best type of flooring for small kids?

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    Yep, reminds me of the old line (don't remember the comedian) that, "you guys think your childhood was tough, my old man used to take me down the river a mile or two and drop me in and I had to swim home... you don't think that's tough, try do'n it with a couple of cinder-blocks tied around your ankles!"



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      Rodney Dangerfield


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        That's the guy!

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      Kid-friendly Flooring Options
      Vinyl Tile
      Vinyl Plank
      Sheet Vinyl


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        I grew up on carpet with toy cars and trains, and stuffed animals which I used as bad guys.

        Thinking of it now it probably wasn't best for one's respiratory system. Besides the polyester itself, carpets attract dust a lot, and not to mention static build up, my laptop was ruined because of it.

        Perhaps soft wood would work. It's inexpensive, you can sand it down couple of times, more if you buy full 1" thick board. They are soft, scratches easily, but price wise it's cheaper than hardwood and even laminate.

        For the kids, a large rug over whatever type of flooring will work, pick one with patterns so that they have a built in train track...


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          Ha, ha, I feel so old , when I was a kid the only computers were in government buildings or sci fi movies.


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            It was pretty good back then actually, people were much more connected, you had in person communication. I have trouble finding good work these days, the old word of mouth method of recommending contractors has gone obsolete, mainly because such people don't exist anymore. Big business now don't answer your call when you need them on the job site :-)