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Basement Framing Dilemma

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  • Basement Framing Dilemma

    Hi all. I have a framiing dilemma and I'm hoping this forum will be able to provide some much needed feedback as to how to proceed.

    I am framing out my basement and ran into a snag when I noticed one of the windows sits higher than the support beams. Initially we were going to box in the HVAC in a large 11' soffit however now we realize that will likely not be an option. I can't move the beams or the window so I'm looking for ideas that wpuld be functional as well as pleasing to the eye. Is it possible to install a new, smaller window that could fit our initial desig ? Attached are some pics for reference. FYI HVAC closest to the problematic window is being stubbed and transitioned over tomorrow Thanks in advance.

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    Looks like a good problem that should be fairly easy to fix. You could install a smaller window and that would solve the problem. Just need to make sure you don't need the size for emergency egress or required natural light.

    if it was me, assuming the register located on the duct to the left of the picture is the last one, I would shorten the duct to give you more room to build a soffit around the front of the window. This way you can avoid changing the window out, get plenty of light and have a means of egress. You'll have to make sure there is enough room so a person can fit if you need the window as a means of emergency egress.


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      Mightyservant - thanks for the feedback. I think we're going the replacement window route with a smaller window. There is a seperate egress window so this I'm not concerned with that although we will be sacrificing some natural light somewhat collateral damafe. That being said I may not even need to move the HVAC at all which (gaining 5" using the smaller window) would be an added bonus.


      • Mightyservant
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        It really comes down to taste provided your in compliance, although I prefer more natural light but I'm not you. i would not hesitate to relocate or reconfigure HVAC, shortening it would be very easy. Many things can be adjusted to get the "look" you want with out to much trouble. But admittedly some times is adds complications.

        One thing I would recommend if your not already planning to is the addition of strong backs and posts to suspend the framing from the floor joists above. It hard to say how far your ceiling spans, adding strong backs and posts will reduce fractures particularly if you spans exceed 8'.

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      Thanks again. Muxh appreciated.