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  • Ridge vent nfa

    New build for son . I plumber 50 yrs. Industrial. 785sq ft ranch on crawl. roof has 12 ft ridge vent. Spec says vented sofetts-looks like 112' linear .
    Builder installed home depot cheap 200$ whole house fan (kid smokes.) Sounds like helicopter-wife left house when he turned on. "he can turn it on to let het out then shut down" builder says trying to sell install-
    I found a quiet cool fan for 450 dollars with no sound (43 dba) I want instead of his cheapo oversized 3000 plus cfm fan.
    Issue now is venting. I need 2.5 cfm per sq ft as per recommended 3.0 is better. 780 x 2.5= 1950 cfm ---so the quiet cool 2250 cfm is the plan if possible.
    My ridge vent is 18sq nfa inches per foot or 216 sq inches (12 ft long). soffet vent is ventilated dont know wha he will use there but 125 linear ft.

    will this whole house fan even work absent holes cut in roof for vents to accomadate the 2250 quiet fan altrnative to his loud oversized cheapo?
    thought i read 1/2 ridge vent 1/2 sofitt vent somewhere.
    advise best way to go. paid 950$ for cheapo installed and would like to save whole house fan since he smokes -if possible.