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  • Bath and Shower Refinish

    Those TV commercials showing how a bathtub can be refinished by covering it with a new, molded finish in as little as a day got me wondering. Is this as good as it looks? Sounds a lot simpler than a typical bathroom remodel with all the demo work. Any experience with this?

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    They look as you would expect, a pre-mold plastic insert. I have bought a couple of rentals that had this done, for the sole purpose of selling the property. While they are decent quality, all of the inserts do not fit all old fixtures well. I had one that squeaked every time you stepped in it, and another one that popped when you go the water too hot.
    I left the hot one, as it only did it when using really hot water to clean it up. The other I took out and properly fixed it. The tub under it was one of the old 500 pound cast iron ones and it had a crack right down the middle. That was great fun with a sledge hammer getting it small enough to remove and carry to the dump.


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      Nice. Have fun