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Exterior Shiplap Over Plywood

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  • Exterior Shiplap Over Plywood

    Hi all,

    Trying to finish up my garage and my wife and I changed direction on the exterior finish during this winter. We were going to install a vinyl siding material … now we want (definitely want) wood shiplap that we will paint.

    As it is now, the garage is new (built 6 months ago), detached, slab-on-grade, single-story, unheated, 2x wood framing with 7/16 sheathing all around. There's also a layer of Home Depot brand plastic wrap all around to help protect it from the upstate New York winter.

    There is a small chance in the future that I'd spray-foam or cut-to-fit 2" rigid foam insulation in between the studs and install some drywall in certain sections for permanent cabinet/counter installation.

    My main questions:

    - Is it acceptable to simply install the shiplap over the wrap?? It would be 7"-8" wide planks X 5/8" or 3/4" thick.
    - What if I removed the wrap and did "faux" shiplap directly over the plywood?? (Meaning, cut 8" strips of thin plywood and brad nail to the 7/16 sheathing and paint everything)

    The garage is 24'x24'x12' tall garage, so the wrap only cost a little over $100 … I'm not going to worry about it if it would be better to be removed.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    You could install directly to wrap or use a rain screen ( furring ) for a air gap between wrap and siding.... both are acceptable since the wrap is a moisture barrier not a vapor barrier.

    I would not use brad nails but a siding nail ( ring shank, or spiral shank) or you could use exterior trim screw..... and fasten to the interior wall studs.


    • Bob D.
      Bob D. commented
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      Do you need an air gap behind the siding like you would with shingles? If you lay the siding directly on the wrap any moisture that works it's way through the shiplap siding will be trapped and take along time to move out if ever.

      I have not hung shiplap siding or shingles, so just asking based on what I have seen done by others. Either the furring strips like you mentioned or I have seen a coarse plastic mat used but I don't remember the correct name for it something like shingle breather or air mat or is it rain screen. I'll have to look it up now driving me nuts not remembering the name of it.

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    Click image for larger version  Name:	Rain_Screen_Wall1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	57.4 KB ID:	743753

    here's a illustration of a cost effective rain screen ( what I remember of what it's called ) or you could use a plastic mat as Bob suggested for an air gap for any moisture penetration which would extend the life of your sheathing and siding.