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    What are the benefits of having a stand up cement mixer that you dump into a wheelbarrow over a wheelbarrow style cement mixer? What should I be looking for when purchasing a cement mixer as a small time contractor?

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    Electric mixer cement has a certain number of advantages over petrol-powered mixers. First of all, they are cheaper and require little to no maintenance. There's no need for oil or petrol; all you need is an electrical outlet. They start up immediately – regardless of the outdoor temperature – and are lighter, making them easier to handle. You can also get mini electric cement mixers which are easy to transport (for instance between the floors of a building or into a basement). Their drums are small, too, with volumes as small as 65 liters. These mixers are best suited to smaller, indoor jobs.
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      Hello, Mackflan!

      One of the most important things to look for when you choose a cement mixer is the size. If you are taking on a large project like road infrastructure,
      finishing basement, or building construction which will require a lot of concrete, you should hire a larger mixer that can prepare more concrete at once, making your job easier.

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