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Inverter to run the k-400 small sewer

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  • Inverter to run the k-400 small sewer

    Im looking for a inverter capable of running the k400, id give it its own battery/battery bank and connect it to my vans existing batter charging. Would also occasionally run 6gal pancake compressor, never at same time tho

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    That would take one hell of an inverter.

    ​​​​​​Dewalt has a little portable power station that takes 4 flexvolt batteries. Gear junkie, one of the forum's older members used one to power his k60. So it would definitely work on a k400. Several companies also make cordless drum machines that may be more convinient. There's the trojan colt, a few options from Milwaukee and rothenberger also (though I'm finding out the hard way that it is very difficult to get repair parts for rothenberger machines.) I wonder if Ridgid will ever jump on the band wagon.


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      Did you have already one already? I'll ask my supplier about the one you're looking for and I get back on this thread. BTW I'm new on this forum