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  • Exterior Coating For Roof Windows

    Our living room ahs two large roof windows. That's what Anderson calls their fixed pane skylights. Rough measurements are 38x44 inches. In the Summer there is significant solar gain from these. Years ago when we had the house roof replaced I bought replacement glazing from Anderson and installed it. The original glazing was not tinted at all. I bought the heaviest tint glass they had. That helped somewhat but it's not enough, and now it's been 8 years since the new glazing was installed and we'd like to do something more to reduce the amount of sunlight entering the house. I thought about adding film to the inside of the glazing but I read some downsides to that such as the film generates a lot of heat in the interior layer of glass which then expands at a different rate than the outside glass and that this can cause leaks and might also void any manufacturers warranty.

    The Wife is against shades and that would add the need to get power there or run them from batteries which sounds problematic or solar powered version which are expensive. The two solar powered versions I looked at were both over $350 each, so ~$700 for both windows plus whatever is needed to install them.

    The other option seems to be a reflective coating on the exterior of the glass which will eliminate the heat reaching inside the house and sounds like it would be the easiest to implement.

    Has anyone tackled something like this and what did you use and just as important how did it hold up. Would you go the same route and use the same product(s) if you were to do it again?
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