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Character Generator Use w/ See Snake (VHS)

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  • Character Generator Use w/ See Snake (VHS)

    just got a See Snake color self level 200' system with VHS recorder. i would like to use a Sima screenwriter video character generator with the system. Has anyone plugged such a device into their See Snake? The CountIR is a bit time consuming for the information i would like to enter. The sima character generator has a keypad that could possibly allow for quick data entry when the job is being done/recorded. just wondering if anyone has used a character generator in conjunction with their see snake.


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    Re: Character Generator Use w/ See Snake (VHS)

    i thought of it 9 years ago. problem is that your hands are a little dirty and would be too time consuming to stop/ clean/ and type. at least with my typing skills

    i find that the microphone does a great job in explaining the picture. i use a preset title for my onscreen graphics.

    my name, phone #, lic. #, date, time.

    also the running footage. all other graphics are too time consuming like you said to input from the screen writer.

    as far as using external screenwriter/ sima. you need to get to the video in and then to your video out. not sure if it will work too easily on a ridgid monitor. on a old style tv/vcr with the seesnake power supply, it was no problem. the streamlining of plug and play, has made it more difficult to bypass.

    1 suggestion would be to record onto the ridgid monitor. then back at your office, set up a second vcr to do your editing with the sima screenwriter.

    too much work and time. like i said,i use the microphone to record with my voice and more info than a screenwriter

    check with tech support for a splitter prior to the monitor/ power supply.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Character Generator Use w/ See Snake (VHS)

      What connection does your screen writer have? There is an 18 " system cable with dubbing block for said purpose. This has a RCA type connection. Catalog number is 12248.



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        Re: Character Generator Use w/ See Snake (VHS)

        there's a video in and a video out on the character generator. how could i go about getting the cable you describe? is it something that could be had at a local radio shack?


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          Re: Character Generator Use w/ See Snake (VHS)

          Your local Ridgid supplier can order this for you.